Storm Panels and Patio Coverings in Angleton TX

The summer and fall seasons are rife with inclement weather in Texas. June through September is hurricane season, with the occasional excessive heat wave thrown in here and there. It’s important to make sure your home or business is protected from even the most severe seasonal conditions. Let Custom Solar Screens help you address hearty storms and the blazing sun with storm panels and patio coverings.

Storm Panels

When hurricane season peaks, there’s no telling what kind of storms will come raging through the gulf. Storm panels in Angleton, TX go a long way toward protecting your home against the likes of high winds, heavy rains, hail and even minor flying debris. These shutters are a smart way to make sure you’re prepared in the event of severe weather.

Made of high-quality stainless steel or fiberglass and perfectly proportioned for your windows and doors, these shields protect glass and entryways from the severity of a storm. They’re rolled up or hidden when the weather is nice and quickly deployed when conditions turn nasty. We can size and install Bahama and Colonial-style shutters on your home or business, protecting windows and doors of all sizes.

Patio Coverings

Patio covers turn your enjoyable patio space into a semi-enclosed area where you can relax, unwind or protect your belongings from the elements. We offer all types of patio coverings in Angleton, TX, to accommodate your space properly—from retractable awning options to full-enclosed four-season rooms. We specialize in lattice covers, flat pan covers and insulated covers, as well as carports to protect cars, boats and RVs.

We take pride in building a sturdy, reliable, accommodating shelter for you, and we do it using the very best products. Brands we trust include Four Season Building Products and Town and Country Building Products, and we customize everything around your needs. Let us help you enjoy more of your property and stay safe from the rain and beating sunshine.

Protect Your Property

Custom Solar Screens is the local, leading authority on solar screens and gutters. If your home or business needs protection against the sun and rain, turn to us for custom solutions. Reach our knowledgeable team today at 979-265-5407.

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