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Window Coverings in Angleton Texas

Brazosport & Brazoria County Coverings

Custom Solar Screens specializes in building patio, carports, RV & Boat coverings directly onto your home, office or structure. We offer retractable screens and shelters to expand and enhance your living areas by shielding you from the elements on demand. Our coverings are TDI approved! Our goal is to exceed your expectations and offer creative ideas using quality products. We believe that all of your vehicles, boats and patio's should be protected from the Texas weather. This is why we want to help you, it is important to keep your property safe and out of the harmful elements that texas can bring. Our company offers to install and repairing any services with your residential and commercial coverings. Do you want to add a cover over your pool? Our company is ready to start your project today!

Residential Patio Coverings in Brazosport & Brazoria County

Patio covers are an elegant way to enjoy the outdoors in a stylish way. There are different types of roof styles you can choose from and other separate configurations. The aluminum covers are the only getter better and are a more affordable option. Our company will help you throughout the whole process of installing them to your residence. This is a comfortable way for your family to relax in outside luxuriously. You can create a grilling area for cooking, a seating area for gatherings and relaxing, or a dining area. For more of a personal comfort, we can combine an ideal amount of shade to savor. Patio covers are maintenance free, plus you can be worry free of termites, rotting, rusting, peeling, cracking, splitting or warping. Plus, they add value and appeal to your residence. There are three different types of patio covers to select from:

  • Lattice Patio Cover: Lattice provides ventilation that allows fresh air to flow through the area. This is a great way to rest and relax, let the kids play, and just simply enjoy the outside elements.This brings perfect sunlight through just enough to where it is not too hot, you can sit outside and read a book. Create the perfect environment for any occasion!
  • Flat Pan Patio Cover: The flat pan provides complete protection from the elements. This is a great add on to the house, it allows a more comfortable outdoors experience. Turn your unbearably hot porch into a cozy retreat. There is so much to enjoy outside, don't let the hot sun stop you from creating memories at home.You can also protect your furniture outside or even create an outdoors kitchen, there are endless possibilities.
  • Insulated Patio Cover: Is made up of a 3” thick foam inclusion that is in between the aluminum material used to form the roof. This type of cover is built to last during tough weather conditions. This cover will also noticeably reduce the outside temperature. This will radiate the heat off of the roof and allow your patio to feel cool and comfortable.

Commercial Patio Coverings in Brazosport & Brazoria County

For commercial properties, are you looking to create the perfect space for your customers to relax outdoors? Custom Solar Screens is the perfect company to install this for you. Our company is able to build a walkway cover for your customers to get to their table, chair, etc. This is an energy saving way for your business as well as comfort for your customers.


Our carports are designed to cover cars, trucks, SUV's, RV'S, boats, and any other things you desire to have covered. Big or small, we can design and create your dream carport to help keep your stuff safe from the weather's elements. This is effective to ensure that all of your valuables are kept under protection at home or even at your business. Ensure that your customer's vehicles are secure while visiting the office. We can customize your carport to what fits your needs at your residence or business. The different types of carports and their purposes are:

  • Cars, trucks, Van or SUV’s: Our team will professionally install your carport for your home. The question is, how many vehicles do you have to protect? There are a few different types of carports we can build to keep your valuables safe. Invest in keeping your assets sheltered from the weather elements that can damage them. Create your carport as an add on to the house or add it anywhere that is convenient for you. The great thing about carports is they have little to no maintenance and can be easily repaired. Luckily for you, we do it all!
  • RV or Motorhome: Motorhomes and RVs are very important to keep safe. Depending on the specific type of carport you are looking for, we can install a top roof, sides and a back end on the carport. This will keep all sides safe from any harsh damages that may happen. The carports will be built sturdy and structured the way you choose to have it. This is great to provide proper ventilation, protection to the vehicle is easy to clean and load the vehicle. RVs and motorhomes are two different types of vehicles and are made differently. This is why we have individual types of roofs for your carport such as regular, boxed eave, and vertical. There are also particular size and shapes to get that will be customized to the vehicle you have.
  • Boats: Boats are a great investment to have at home. Our company wants to help you protect it from the harsh weather. If you keep your boat at a marina, why pay all the fees? Invest in a carport for your boat and keep it secure all year long. Build this for your boat, make it easier for maintenance, repairs and cleaning it.
  • ATV’S or Travel Trailers: ATVs or travel trailers should be sheltered away from the weather conditions. Our goal is to keep all of your vehicles protected from getting damaged. Select the right size for your carport today!

Custom Solar Screens is ready to start working on your services! Call us and see what we can do for you! What are your ideas for your home or business property? We will make your dream become reality.



Window Coverings in Angleton Texas



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