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Custom Solar Screens in Angleton Texas

Solar Screens in Angleton, Texas

Luxurious Solar Screens

The most popular installations that are accomplished to a home or business properties would be the solar screens on the outside of the property. Solar screens are applied to help reduce energy in the home. They are very efficient on lowering your utility bills, especially in the summer seasons. The solar window screens can also reduce sun damage to your furniture and many other objects in the home or office. Another benefit to having solar screens installed to your windows is that they are ideal for privacy to your home. Feeling comfortable in your own home with solar screens is the best investment you could make. You will have full privacy inside the home and be able to have full visibility outside. Another type of solar screen our team is an expert in installing is the interior roll screens. Interior roll screens are very popular in commercial properties and are really great for residential homes. For commercial properties, interior roll screens are great for providing luxury and comfort to your customers. They are also very beneficial for keeping out sunlight during the day hours. Interior roll screens are favored by our residential clients, they provide cool temperatures inside the home all year long.

Our solar screens do way more than you can imagine! To give you just a few examples: it can keep your home a lot cooler, increases the privacy, protects your windows, makes your home feel safe, and lowers your energy bill. Our company can install, repair or even place your solar screens at a convenient cost. This is an excellent way to enjoy both the beauty and cost effect savings that bring value to your home or business. These screens replace conventional window screens and like the conventional kind, they don't block out the view and they allow air to come in the room. Unlike conventional screens, they block out the sun's harmful rays. Most solar screens keep out 80 to 90 percent of the sun's heat. They also come in a variety of colors and can be pet-proofed for patio doors and windows.

Solar screens are usually made from mesh and polymer and are shades that cover the entire surface area of a window. They absorb and reflect the sun’s rays instead of letting them penetrate the window, and provide an energy-saving blanket for all seasons, depending on whether they are put on the inside or the outside of the window. We offer different colors, textures, and can create custom covers for your home, office or desired areas. We also offer re-screenings!


Elegant Residential Screen Rooms!

Our Screen Rooms provide an open view of the outdoors. They are built with aluminum frames that are completely durable and sufficient to experience the harsh weather. They are resistant to falling or any wear and tear that may occur. All of our sunrooms are comfortable and luxurious through the elements around you. Sunrooms also keep out the unwanted pesky bugs from bothering you when you’re trying to relax and enjoy the outdoors. These are good for upgrading at any time in the future, as well!

Planning your screen room can be overwhelming, we’re here to make this process as easy as possible. There are many types of styles to choose from and figuring out your starting point can be stressful. We want to provide our skill and knowledge to help you create the best screen room you want. Every room is specifically designed for your home.


Attractive Commercial Screen Rooms

There are many improvement projects we specialize in, expanding and enhancing solutions for commercial properties. Our company is able to provide custom made rooms to make your property more inviting for your customers. Our team offers the experience you have been looking for! We will meet all your requirements and bring unique ideas for value and the leading cost effective alternative. Looking for a company who will accomplish your goals? Planning to renovate, expand existing space or need new space? Custom Solar Screens is the company you want to install your properties products and provide our services. We are experienced and knowledgeable on all of your needs. Make your property more appealing to the public, we can give you professional recommendations as well.

Imagine this, your customer is enjoying the outside breeze and you get to keep the bug away! These rooms provide a great outdoor view for your customers and employees. Our company is able to upgrade them at any time! Allow the aluminum screens to provide maximum visibility while enjoying the outdoors. Especially, the durability they provide can endure the rough elements. Is this what you want for your property?



  • Flexible Designs: Our team will design the look you want for your commercial or residential property that will enhance the beauty of it.
  • Quality Materials: Our team has the materials to provide durable screen rooms to make your budget!
  • Time Management: We will manage our time wisely to ensure your property is completed with little to no delays.
  • Hassle- Free Company: Our company will take care of everything for you! Just give us your ideas and we will build it.
  • Increased Value: Our screen rooms will add value to your property if you ever decide to sell it in the future.
  • Energy Efficient: Screen rooms are energy efficient for your home!
  • Entertainment & Comfort: This can be a great space for relaxing outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and comfort for customers.



Custom Solar Screens in Angleton Texas



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